Hello There! My name is Kristi Thompson and I am what my friends like to call an organization freak. Now in my defence I am a Virgo and apparently majority of Virgo's act this way so .... there is that. 

I live in Michigan but spend a lot of my time in the Canada since I work and am from there! We spend our spare time eating at unique restaurants, window shopping at home decor stores as well as utilizing photo booths when possible! 

Why A Blog?

I asked myself the same question, why a blog? Well I am not the first or last person to say that I do not have the best writing skills (hence why I went to school for Accounting) I never truly loved writing or thought I had a persuasive way with words. Don't get me wrong I love to read a good book especially ones with such detail and description that the pictures are painted as clear as glass. I hope that one day I will gain the ability to write as many great writers do but for now I will settle with my minimal abilities. 

A blog is a place for me to keep the things that I love, a place to write what I am passionate about as well as somewhere I can share my ideas with the world. This is my space to be me and talk about what I truly find interesting.