Fall Capsule Update

It has almost been a full two months since I began using my Capsule Wardrobe (fall edition). I enjoy the effortlessness of having a small amount of clothing to choose from while getting ready for a night out or a weekend away. As I have said before, the hardest part about getting ready or packing my bags for a trip is deciding what to bring! This has narrowed my closet down to under 40 items (including shoes and jackets) which includes all items I would wear without a second guess. 

Since it is now the last few weeks of the Fall edition to my wardrobe I wanted to give it a quick look over and see what items I haven't utilized at all. 

  1. Purple disco pants
  2. Fur sweater 
  3. Green sweater dress
  4. Black dress with beige stripes 
  5. Black romper

My goal for the next two weeks is to make an effort to wear these pieces before it is time to change over to my Winter Wardrobe. If I find that I am not wearing these I then have to ask myself if I even want to keep these specific items. I know for sure I have got a lot of wear out of my disco pants and that even though I have never worn the black romper I will for sure be wearing it in other seasons! I chose to put the romper in my fall wardrobe to push myself to layer and try to wear a summer item in other seasons.

Hopefully I can keep this mental note of what needs more love in my Capsule and choose to wear these pieces over others.